The Spirit

The Spirit of Campuhan






The Power of Place

Villa Campuhuan sits in the heart of East Bali in Indonesia

90 minutes away from the surf tourism and retail-frenzy of Kuta, Legian, Seminyak and Ubud, East Bali remains the heart of the undiluted Balinese culture where real villages, real fishermen, and real artisans live and work in harmony. This is a heavily spiritual part of the island full of temples, holy caves, and wrapped banyan trees. For those who have experienced it, in the stunning natural perfection of  East Bali,  one does feel the touch of the higher powers.

It is no accident that Walter Spies, the most renowned painter  to live and work in Bali chose this part of the country in which to make his home. His paintings done 70 years ago still accurately represent the lush terraced rice fields, the farmers planting and collecting the harvest, bathing in the rivers, under the dramatic foot of Mt. Agung, the most holy mountain (volcano) in Bali.


Along the coast road, from Klungkung to Padambai, Amlapura to Amed, weaving, ikat, and basket craft villages are strung like pearls on a necklace. Snorkling and scuba reefs abound. Small, family-run restaurants, water palaces, and night markets can be found. And everywhere, there is the sea, the fabled Lembok Straights, defining the border to adventure limited only by imagination.


Villa Campuhuan was designed to merge seamlessly with this spectacular environment. Built of re-cycled 30- foot long ironwood electrical poles, local,  lava stone and grass, we have focused the magic of East Bali into a peaceful, oceanside oasis  that weaves the luxury of the west with the spiritual beauty and simplicity of “Bali Asli,” the true Bali.