Villa Campuhan

Villa Campuhan

A Place to Connect with Others

VILLA CAMPUHAN is the heartbeat of the place. This is the 2500 sq. ft. LIVING ROOM/DINING ROOM house for use by all guests, wide open to sea, mountains and river. Like being on a wooden ship, the structure has no right angles; like the rest of the villas, Campuhan contains no screws or nails, built with Minangkabau craftsmanship and joinery,  tongue & groove construction throughout. Decorated with furniture covered by hand-woven fabrics, sumptuous coaches, wide and deep, the living room area is a lovely spot to await meals or get lost in a good book. Surrounded by priceless Sumatran and Batak antiques, you can enjoy our staff’s excellent meals local style. This is also where people from all over the world sit at a round dining table meeting others, sharing the reasons that drew them to Bali in the first place. The commonality of this  shared  love for the island and its people,  for interesting discoveries and conversation enables strangers to become friends for a week or for a lifetime.





An Aesthetic All Its Own

Walking around the lush grounds, experiencing different angles of art, buildings and landscape, Villa Campuhan is a kaleidoscope of the senses.   Fresh sea air, bird song, and rolling waves heighten all sights. The textures, the various flower fragrances, and the tactile quality of everything that’s been brought to bear, all add up to a higher harmonic of living. The staff women in their colorful sari’s giving prayer offerings three times a day at the various ‘pellengi’ on the property are a constant reminder that life here can be both hedonistic and spiritual. At Villa Campuhan, these two aspects of life are not in conflict but form the binary pillars of a cohesive experience,  a feast for the eyes, the mind, the senses and the spirit.



Night and Day

In the evening, the sea zephyrs switch to cooling mountain breezes and the geckos come out to play.  Sumptuous dinners are had, Bintang beer, wine and spirits are imbibed, and quiet conversation fills Villa Campuhan as the night rolls over the Indian Ocean. The waking life and the dream life here form a continuum, hard to demarcate where one begins and the other ends. In Bali, there is magic everywhere serenaded throughout with gamalan, flutes, and drums. There is a gentleness to the people, a gentleness to the land and, at Villa Campuhan, a gentleness that overtakes one as you slip away in your comfortable bed to the end of one day and the beginning of another.