Villa Tuman

Villa Tuman

Original and Still Great

Sleeps up to 3 / 700 sq. ft.


“Tuman” means “friend” in Indonesian and this villa is friendly, indeed. It was the first house on the property which we lovingly restored before starting the Minangkabau project. Nestled alongside the fresh-water river that flows year-round, Villa Tuman is the gateway to the ‘campuhan,’ the place where ‘the river meets the sea.’  The house was built in the Balinese style with high ceilings and sacred Balinese proportions. The walls are of local stone, the floor is marble, the doors are hand-carved, and a roof is composed of layered “ylang-ylang” grass grown locally. It has a king-sized bed and a bathroom with bathtub and outdoor shower.  It’s spacious decks wrap the villa on three sides so sun and shade are available options all day.  Close to the front gate and the living room/dining room house, this is a lovely, truly Balinese alternative to the Minangkabau villas that sit beside it.

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Carved for Welcome


Alfresco Dining


Elegant Simplicity


Marble Sanctuary


Close to Campuhan


From US$ 290 plus taxes per night

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